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20th AVA Biennial Convention

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Stepping Out of Bounds in Billings

AVA Educational Workshop Topic Suggestions

Welcome to the 20th AVA Biennial Convention workshops. During past conventions, the workshops have been snuggled in to the schedule between a walk and lunch. This meant that quite often, workshops that were of interest to folks could not be attended because of the actual volksmarching activity. This convention, we are dedicating an entire morning to just workshops. They will be the only thing on the schedule so everyone will be able to attend. We are also working to determine which should be conducted multiple times.

We have received the following suggestions for topics to be covered in the 20th AVA Biennial Convention educational workshops. There are essentially two types of workshops: Those related to the business of walking; and those simply related to the experience of walking. We will attempt to categorize them here.

Should you have any suggestions or wish to volunteer to host a workshop, please send an email to the convention chairperson. There are several suggestions below without a presenter. Please volunteer your services.

  • The Business of Walking
    • HQ Operations - Staff - Henry and Erin explain how stuff happens at our National Headquarters in Universal City, Texas to insure you get credit for everything you do and your club stays in good standing.
    • The New AVA Database - IT Committee - Moved to AVA Tech Bar
    • The New ESR Process - Chris Mellen - Moved to AVA Tech Bar
    • Building and Maintaining a Web Site - IT Committee - Moved to AVA Tech Bar
    • News Media Relations - Glen Conyers, South Central Regional Director
    • Trailmaster Training - Training Committee
    • Club Operations Handbook Training - Training Committee - Sam Korff, AVA Secretary and Training Committee Chair has put together information that every club needs to know.
    • Making directions - may be part of Trailmaster Training, but now identified for emphasis
    • Treasurer's get together - part of HQ Operations training, but now identified for emphasis
    • AVA and Navigators - Deb Kreup
  • The Experience of Walking
    • Ice Age Trail Alliance - North Central Region - Our mission is to create, support and protect a thousand-mile footpath tracing Ice Age formations across Wisconsin – the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.
    • Taoist Tai Chi for Walkers - Joel and Lisa - They will give everyone the basics of about 6 moves for relaxing and for incorporating it into the person's walking style!
    • Walking Adventures International - "Use Your Passport-Living a Life of Adventure" with Scott Isom -The topic is not only regarding the literal use of a passport in travel and walking, but more importantly as a metaphor for approaching life. “Use your passport” is about an attitude of not being afraid to explore beyond your bubble, to go beyond your boundaries, whether that be through travel or through learning about new places, history, and culture from your own living room. Walking is of course a wonderful way to get out into the world and to open ourselves up to new boundaries.
    • Pole Walking - Bruce Coulton on behalf of Rob Sweetgall, well known author, walker and speaker. Learn how to do it right, and get a great $49 deal on Nordic Poles.
    • Experience an Event - Robert and Suzanne Wright - it’s about what clubs need to do to make their events experiences that would better attract participants (not just be plain walks).
    • The History of Billings - Kevin Kooistra, Executive Director of the Western Heritage Center; and Elisabeth DeGrenier, Community Historian
    • Meet with the Author of "Walk Beside Me" by Christine Handy - Come meet the Author of Walk Beside Me in a personal setting where you can purchase her book or just ask questions about her extraordinary journey. It will be an exciting Q and A with bestselling Author Christine Handy. Her story is uplifting and compelling.
    • Volksmarching in Self Defense - Frank Sayers - Door Prizes, Color Code of Awareness, Instant Defense, Holster Considerations.
    • Couch to 5K - Margie MacLeish and Kathy Szczesiak, First State Webfooters (Dover, DE)
    • Meetup - Doris Telles, Low Desert Roadrunners