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20th AVA Biennial Convention Registration Information

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Stepping Out of Bounds in Billings

Convention Registration Information - Please Read

Hello Everyone! The online 20th AVA Biennial Convention Registration is now available. There actually is a lot of information for you to peruse before clicking on the appropriate button below to actually begin the registration process. You can opt for the entire convention experience, or pick and choose those options that make sense for you or your club. If you are going to be a club delegate, i.e. the person that votes on all issues brought to the Membership, your club must be in good standing and you must be 'Credentialled' by the AVA Secretary at the Convention utilizing the official AVA forms that will be sent to each club shortly.

The time crunch means we were unable to write our own convention registration system. The software we are using is online, and they get their money by charging $1 for each item purchased. We have attempted to mitigate these fees to you by doing some consolidation of choices. Please read everything carefully first, then make your selections. Additionally, if you wish to pay online with a credit card, the credit card fees (about 3%) will be added to your order total. To not pay these fees, you can spend 49¢ and snail-mail a check. Your choice. Again, please read all of your choices carefully, then choose.

The 20th AVA Biennial Convention theme is 'Stepping Out of Bounds'. There will be many opportunities to do this, and you will enjoy accompanying us on the journey. See you in Billings!!

Register for the Full Convention

Welcome to the 20th AVA Biennial Convention.

The items below are what are included when you register for the full convention. Before member discounts the cost of the Full Convention Registration is $295. If you are an AVA Annual Associate Member or an AVA Lifetime Associate Member, go find your Membership Card. To receive the discount you will need to enter your Membership Number (Example: VAL-1234) in the questions, and your Discount Code (shown where you input your Membership number) on the Summary Page. A Lifetime Associate Member gets a 15% discount on the Full Convention and an Annual Associate Member gets 10%. Remember to bring your Membership Card with you when you pick up your registration packet at the convention.

If you are not yet an AVA Associate Member, we have created a discount code just for you. To receive a 10% discount Today, prior to receiving your membership, enter the NewMember discount code on the Summary Page. Then, complete your membership application and send it in to AVA National Headquarters. Or, bring it with you to the convention and become a member when you pick up your discounted registration materials at the Red Lion Hotel and Convention Center Billings at the start of the convention. If you have any questions, please fill out a question on our Contact tab and let us know. We will answer as soon as we are able.

Full registration consists of the following items:

  • The General Sessions - Three
  • The Workshops - Choice of Three out of a possible 21
  • NEC and State Association Meetings
  • Officer Candidate Open Forums
  • Silent Auction
  • Access to Vendors
  • Access to Tech Bar
  • Possible Invitation to the President's VIP Reception
  • Wednesday Evening Meet & Greet
  • Thursday Sit-Down Deli Lunch
  • Friday Box Lunch
  • Friday Plated Dinner
  • GAVAN FrontGAVAN Plush BearGAVAN back
  • LogoConvention Logo Medal
  • All Event Awards - You select
    • BuffaloBuffalo, Wyoming
    • LBBNMLittle Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana
    • YellowstoneYellowstone River, Billings, Montana
    • BeerPresident's Walk/Downtown Brewery Tour, Billings, Montana
    • RimsSwords Rimrock Park, Billings, Montana
    • BikeBike Event, Billings, Montana
    • SwimSwim Event, Billings, Montana
    • RedLodgeRed Lodge, Montana
    • CodyCody, Wyoming

Registering for Individual Choices

The second choice is to choose only what you need. This could be individual events, individual social events, a workshop, access to the Silent Auction.

Each selection has its own price. There are no discounts for this option. The options are as above, but with more details. Additionally, the registration system we are using has a cost of $1 PER ITEM that is ordered. (Next convention we will have written our own, but not for this one!) There are multiple options to choose from, especially with the daily convention registration and the events. Please be sure and read all of the information provided so you know what is actually included. To ease the fees, we have combined some probable combinations so you only pay one fee for multiples. As an example, there is a selection for ALL walk events. That total is 7, and if you were to select them individually the fee would be $7 instead of $1. Your choice, actually, but we are trying to look out for your best interests. Really. So, read all of the information, then scroll back up to the top of the registration form to make your intelligent selections.

Make your decision here

Each selection below will take you to a different web page. If you choose the wrong one, simply close that page and come back here and try again.

Full Convention Registration

Pick Me
Individual Convention Registration