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20th AVA Biennial Convention

2017 Logo AVA Logo

Stepping Out of Bounds in Billings

The Awards and Specialties of the Convention

All of the Event Awards and the Convention Logo are sand cast metal that has a burnished bold appearance. Full colors are bright enamel with the gold metal outline.

The events are sanctioned from June 5th through June 11th. Each has a single day when we will all be there. With special arrangements at Walk Central you can do the events on a day that is convenient for you. However, there will be nobody there so you will need to treat them like a Seasonal. Special Instructions are necessary. You must contact us to make arrangements.

Logo gAVAn the Bear waving "Welcome to Billings"

Buffalo Buffalo standing in Clear Creek

LBBNM Eagle flying in the sky over monuments to Soldiers and Indians

Yellowstone Beaver by the Yellowstone River

Beer Fox partaking

Rims Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on the Rims

Bike Owl on mountain bike

Swim Fish snorkeling in the hotel pool

RedLodge Moose on the trails over Red Lodge

Cody Wolf chasing stagecoach into Cody

Gavan "Welcome to Billings"

Polo "Convention Embroidered Polo Shirt"

T-Shirt "Convention Embroidered T-Shirt"